Dear, parents, teachers, students and the entire family! “We are delighted to offer the most hospitable welcome we can”.
I would like to welcome you all at Wazo Hill High School. Over all, I thank for your contributions as stake holders, this is because our school is humble on your supports and depends much on you.
Our school is the best co-boarding School built to cater for the needs of education in Tanzania and across the global. It is among the top ranking best schools basing on the National Examinations Council records and also among the best ten schools in Dar es Salaam region as the 2013 National Examination Results approve.
Dear Tanzanians, with  confidence and integrity I would like to inform  you all that Wazo Hill High School has a rich history dating back since 2007  when  it was officially established and launched by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.  The home of discipline and quality education of which students are provided with the good teaching  and learning  facilities that help  to nurture  and advance  their future  to join  various fields of development be it science and technology,  economics, social-cultural, trade, politics, agriculture, to mention a few.
What is taught here is really reflecting to those  development spheres and through  the innovative curriculum, students  develop further opportunities for critical thinking methodological skills  and creative capacities.
I am proud to say welcome at Wazo Hill, a home of discipline and quality education ever.
“Striving for Excellence”

Thank  you!!

Valence V. Msacky
Founder and the School Managing Director